This pretty 7-petal daisy, I drew it to say "I love you" discreetly to anyone who receive it.

Brigitte Bardot

"Brigitte Bardot's personality is very complex, multifaceted. It is as if she changes as quickly as a spring sky. She can swing from a childlike woman to a femme fatale.
I tried to pay tribute to 
all facets of her personality

Milo Manara
A unique collaboration between two great legends: 25 limited edition prints /250, made from the original watercolors of the Italian master Milo Manara for an unpublished project with Brigitte Bardot in 2016 and a sculpture created in 2017 with the founder Adolfo Mariani.


In 2016, Milo created Bardot through 25 watercolor visions of the B.B. myth.
and a monumental sculpture in her likeness created in 2017 
forever on display in the heart of the city of Saint-Tropez.
Before this project, the Italian master had never represented so many times 
the same personality. Brigitte Bardot had never, before Aslan in 1969, 
agreed to endorse an artist, allowing him to design her image.  
In view of its success, the "Et Milo créa Bardot" project is now continuing
on this site with the possibility of acquiring these iconic images or a sculpture
available in numbered editions and certified by the two legends.


Saint-Tropez is inseparable from the glamorous image of B.B.
When Milo made his 25 watercolors of Bardot,
he proposed several projects for a sculpture. B.B. chose one of his famous postures on the terrace of the Villa Malpensa, in " Le Mépris"
The monumental bronze statue was financed by Millon
and offered to the city of Saint-Tropez on Sept 28, 2017
September 28, 2017, the actress' birthday.
Lovers of timeless beauty will find the iconic B.B. immortalized, placed in the hollow of a shell and exposed in front of the famous gendarmerie.
In 2021, the statue was adorned with gold leaf, 
the work of the gilder, Emilien Schaefer.
Limited editions of this sculpture are available in three sizes, in bronze or covered with gold leaf.
BB Scuplture face St Tropez natural background April 22

Brigitte Bardot,
the glorious

"I was simply what I wanted to be, that is to say me, frank, clear, neat.
I was not "scandalous",
I was only natural and true.
I never pretended.
I don't regret anything".

Brigitte Bardot, 2009

Photo Credit: Simone Florena

You had to be very much in love with her to draw her as I did

Milo Manara

Milo Manara, the Maestro

Milo Manara accepted the challenge of portraying Brigitte Bardot above and beyond her image in a series of 25 watercolours and a statue. He usually goes the other way, bringing fictional characters to life, creating iconic models with them.
He knows how to connect the past and the present, as in Caravaggio, or how to start from reality to stimulate the imaginary.
He is the only artist - after Aslan in 1969 - to whom Brigitte Bardot consents her representation. He transcends her into an eternal muse, as if divinized.

Limited editions

"Et Milo créa Bardot" provides access to the combined genius of Brigitte Bardot and Milo Manara.
The 25 signed pigment prints are offered in 48×68 cm or 50x70 cm numbered /250.
Each print is signed by the artist and certified on the back by a handwritten stamp.
Available individually, they can also be purchased as a complete portfolio or in sets.
The statue, inspired by one of the original watercolors, exists in three sizes,
in two series made of bronze or covered with gold leaf each series numbered /8 or /32 and IV EA.
Thus, lovers of the glorious Brigitte and fans of the Italian master Milo
can now appropriate a part of the myth in all its forms. 


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The sculpture of B.B.
in all its states
and all its formats


Prints with
original signatures,
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