BB #18


Artist : Milo Manara
Title : La gentilezza della foca / The kindness of the seal
Format : 50 x 70 cm
Paper : " Watercolors " 224 g
Signed by Milo Manara on the front
Stamp of the signature of B. Bardot in recto
Stamp of the certificates of authenticity of their hand to the back
Stamp of the Millon auction house
Limited edition, numbered copy x/250
Accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and its invoice
Note: the transport of your order is offered. For countries outside the Schengen area, applicable taxes will be charged to the recipient.
Christian Braincourt - Paris Match - March 26, 2009: "Which photo would you like to see published after your death" ? Brigitte Bardot: " the one of the baby seal, which symbolizes my whole life, from fame to isolation on the ice floe ".
Isabelle Adjani's quote: "the images of Brigitte Bardot on the ice floe are moments of eternity".
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